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Techno/Video Game/Movie

This section has pretty much everything else. These sections are a mess especially the techno one because I have compilations so theres like one song for every artist ^^; bare with me until I fix all the spacing and stuff.


- 2 Unlimited
Break The Chain
Invite Me To Trance
Let The Beat Control Your Body
Maximum Overdrive
No Limit
The Power Age
Throw The Groove Down
Tribal Dance
Twilight Zone

- 4x4
Midsummer Rain

- 7.1

- Adam White
Ballerina (ft. Martin Grech)

- Adrenalin Techno Rush (CD)
Analog Dreams - The Carnival
Dominant Effect - Dominant Effect
Drastik Measures - The Lone Raver
Rhythm Method - Alpha Land
Rhythm Method - Techno Mania
Sonic Assault - Stress Overload

New Object

- Airwave
Seattle Calling (ft. the pedestrian

- Albion

- Alter Ego
Satanic Circus

- Andy Moor

- Anthony Rother
Back Home

- Aphex Twin
Cornish Acid
Girl Boy Song
Girl Boy Song (redruth mix)
Goon Gumpas
Hedphuq Mix
Jelly Fish
Logon Tock Witch
Mr. Frosty
Peek 824545201
To Cure A Weakling Child
Yellow Calx

- Aphrodite
Bells of Love

- Armin van Buuren
Communication II

- Atari Teenage Riot
Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
Midi Junkies
Revolution Action
Riot 1995
Sick To Death
Too Dead For Me

Cabana Moon
Do You Love My
Gentle Melody
I Don't Wanna Stop
I Will Not Forget
Long Way Home
Peace Illusion
Sunset Girl

- Aurora
Ordinary World (ft. Naimee Coleman) (above & beyond remix)

- Ave Mea
In The End

- B4
Before and After

- Benny Bennassi

- Beyer & Lenk
Ananda (ft. Tiga)

- Circle of Souls
Future Dreams

- C-Mos
2 Million Ways (axwell remix)

- Craig Armstrong
Balcony Scene

- Daft Punk
Around The World
One More Time

- Darude

- David Guetta
The World Is Mine (blackstrobe remix)

- Delerium
Underwater (rank 1 remix)

- DJ Baby Anne

- DJ Hydro
Trippin the Trance

- DJ Kaycee
Escape (fast rave mix)

- DJ Keoki
Blow (AK 1200 mix)
Hypnotic Trance
Majick (uberzone remix)

- DJ Milton
Southside Beat Down

- DJ Mystik
Day by Day
Moonlight Shadow

- DJ Tiesto
As The Rush Comes
Forbidden Paradise (deep trance mix)
Trance Energy X-Mix 2003 (party mix)
Sparkles (with Benny Bennassi)
Wonder (ft. Armin van Buuren)

- Drum & Bass 2005 (CD)
Bad Wisdom - Protect a Dope Pusher
Digital - Termite
Mampi Swift & Blame - Focus
Noisia - Vanishing Point
Pleasure Centre vs. Procon - Cop vs. Fireman
Pluhgt - Don't Drop The Milk
Rawthang - Bonesplitter
The Militia - You and I Know
Total Science - Expand

- Dumonde
Tomorrow (moogwai remix)

- Elevation
Ocean Rain

- Enmass
Beyond Horizon

- Eon
Pocket Damage

- Fatboy Slim
How Can You Hear Us
Sho Nuff
The Rockafeller Skank (Mulder's Urban Takeover Remix)
Wonderful Night (ft. Lateef)

- Ferry Corsten
Are You Ready
Down On Love
Dreamtime (ft. DJ Tiesto)
Fire (ft. Simon le Bon)
I Love You
Into The Dark (ft. Howard Jones)
Junk (ft. Guru)
Leaving Panic Behind (flash brothers remix)
On My Mind
Out Of The Blue
Right of Way
Rock Your Body Rock
Sweet Sorrow
Watch Out (ft. Debra Andrew)

- Fragile
Inertia (ft. Alex Lemon) (armin van buuren remix)

- Freezepop
Bike Thief
Boys On Film
Chess King
Duct Tape My Heart
Emotions & Photons
Freezepop Forever
Get Ready 2 Rokk
I Am Not Your Gameboy
Manipulate (mastermind mix)
Parlez vous Freezepop
Plastic Stars
Seven Boom Medley
Shark Attack
Super Sprode
Tender Lies
That Boy Is All About Fun!

- Ghost
The 10th Planet

- Happy 2B Hardcore Artists
Anti-Social - Get Into Love
Bang! - Break Of Dawn
Bang! - Cloudy Daze
Bang! - Give Me A Reason
Bang! - Shooting Star
BDB ft. Lisa - I Want You
Blitz & Blaze - Big Up The Bass
Brisk & Trixxy - Eurolove
Brisk & Trixxy - Eyeopener
Brisk & Trixxy ft. Lenny - See The Light
Codeine & Unknown - Feel the Power
Codeine & Unknown - Natural High
Demo & Adman - Pleasure & Pain
DJ Demo - Muzik
DJ Demo - You're Mine
DJ DNA - Go Insane
DJ Fade ft Martina - I Feel You
DJ Ham - Here We Go Again
DJ Ham, DJ Demo, Justin Time - Here I Am
DJ Hixxy - Wanting To Get High
DJ Hixxy & Bananaman - Forever
DJ Slam - Till We Meet Again
DJ Stompy - Dawn Of A New Era
DJ Stompy - I Believe
DNA & Breeze - Kick Your Legs
Dougal & Innovate - Don't Cry For Me
Dougal & Seduction - It's Not Over
Elevate - All That You See And Hear
Eruption - Let The Music
Eruption - Reach Out
Eruption - Surrender
Fade & Alchemist - Keep On Trying
Force & Styles - Heart of Gold
GHT Inc. - Better Day
Hixxy & Sunset Regime - People's Party
Hyperactive - Let Me Play
INA-State - Mirror Of Love
Innovate - Innovate
JDS - Higher Love
Jimmy J, Justin Time, Jenka - Eternity
Justin Time - Sweet In Pocket
Kingsize & Eternity - You Belong To Me
Mr. X - Hear Me
Northern Lights - Love Of My Life
Q-Tex - Like an Angel
Ramos & Supreme - Crowd Control
S. Brown & G. Tennet - Everytime I Close My Eyes
Scott Brown - Elysium
Scott Brown vs. DJ Rab-s - Now is The Time
Stealth - See Me Climb
Sy & Demo - Killer
Sy & Demo - Sensation
Sy & Demo - Tears Run Cold
Sy & Eruption - 12 Inches Of Love
Triple J - Wonderful World
Trixxy - Sunrise
Unique - Distant Skies
Vinylgroover - Time
Visa - Don't Go Away

- Haitiras
Intergalactic Luv (total science dub mix)
Intergalactic Luv (total science vocal mix)

- Iio
Rapture (armin van buuren remix)

- Interstate
I Found You

- Jerry Ropero & Denis The Menace
Coracao (presents Sabor ft. Jaqueline)

- Johannes Heil
Step Into The Light (ft. Marcellus Nealy)

- John Askew
Mood Swing

- Kevin Saunderson
E Daneer

- Kid Vicious
Re-form (dj tiesto remix)

- Lange
Drifting (ft. Skye)

- Locust
Aerospace (probspot remix)

- Love Parade
Access Peace
Let's Play
We Are Family

- Luis Paris
Incantation (ferry corsten & robert smit remix)

- M.I.K.E.
Massive Motion

- Marcos

- Mark Otten
Mushroom Therapy (armin van buuren remix)

- Matthew Dekay
The Deep Show (ft. Proluctors)

- Mike Foyle
Space Guitar (presents Statica)

- Moonman
Don't Be Afraid

- Motorcycle
As The Rush Comes (armin van buuren's universal religion radio remix)

- Nu Frequency

- Oceanlab
Clear Blue Water (ferry corsten remix)

- Oliver Lies
Traveller (presents Radical Impression)

- Pendulum & Freestylers
Fasten Your Seatbelts

- Peter Martin
Simply Blue (presents Anthanasia)

- Prodigy
Charly (drum & bass version)

- Pulp Victim
The World

- Push
Strange World

- Ransom
My Dance (ferry corsten remix)

- Recluse
Emotional Void

- Rising Star
Clear Blue Moon

- Riva
Time is A Healer (armin van buuren remix)

- Roger Goode
In The Beginning Again (ferry corsten)

- Santonio Echols

- Scooter
Cold As Ice
Crank It Up
Fuck The Millenium
Hyper Hyper
Our Happy Hardcore
Ramp The Logical Song
Take A Break

- Shane
Too Late To Turn (armin van buuren 2002 remix)

- Shiny Toy Guns
You Are The One

- Sneaker Pimps
Spin Spin Sugar (armand van helden garage mix)
Spin Spin Sugar (moby remix)
Tesko Suicide

- Soundcheque

- Space Channel 5 and 5.2
Band Showdown
Band Taiketsu Ska
Birdman Assembly
Blank TV - Ulala Support Chant
Coco Tapioca - The Huge Dancer
Connected Hearts
Demo - Ulala's History
Desperate Dance Showdown
Destruction Begins
Escape from the Flames
Eyes Shining in the Dark
Finale ~more happy more crazy~
Galaxy Remix (channel 5 confusion)
Galaxy Remix (hype the force)
Galaxy Remix (more strobe action)
Giant Evila - Space Dogfight!
Go Go Cheer Girl
Go Go Go! Rescue Tai
Guitar Showdown
Honmono wa Dareda Again
Indication of Great Disaster
Invasion Song Mecha (Pon Piri)
Invasion Song Suits (King Purge)
Let's Shoot & Rescue!
Mellow Medley
Mexican Flyer (original)
Mexican Flyer (remix)
Mororian's Base - Escape
Mororian's Base - Strange Path
Mororina - The Elegant Coward
Mottomo Strob' Action
Option - S.C.5 25th Hour (option remix 2002)
Option - The Reporter From SCh5
Pala Paya '78
Pine's Theme
Pursuers In The Sky
Rescue Before Melting
Rock de Go Go Cheer Girls
Space Driver
Space Ship - Strut
Space Ship - Trapped in the Galaxy
Spaceport - Introducing Ulala!
Strobe Action
The Approaching Calm
Ulala Again
Ulala Dance (soundtrack edit)
We're A Dancing Team
Which One Is Real

- Symbion Project

- System F
Dance Valley Theme 2001
Exhale (armin van buuren remix)
Exhale (original mix)
Exhale (radio edit)
Lost In Motion
Out of the Blue 2002
Soul on Soul (ft. Marc Almond)

- The Drills
The Drills

- Tilt
Twelve (max graham remix)

- Tom Barnett
Operation 10

- Tony Walker
Fields of Joy (ferry corsten remix)

- Total Science
Freeze (teebee remix)
Hotspot (digital remix)
Nosher (remix)

- Toybox
Tarzan & Jane

- Tranquility Bass
Razorfish (above & beyond progressive mix)

- Ultra Techno Vol. 6 (CD)
Age of Love - The Age of Love (johnny viscious mix)
Computer Controlled - Electric Disco
DJ Hell - Suicide Commando
DJ HMC - Hypnotizin'funk
DJ Tomcraft - The Mission
Energy 52 - Cafe del Mar (malin & kane mix)
Fashion - Fashion
Funky 9ers - Stars on 45
Marc et Claude vs. Ralphie Dee - Sunshower '98
Miss Kittin and the Hacker - 1982
Moby - Honey
Mox Epoque - Be Sure!
Paragliders - Change Me (extended mix)
Paul Van Dyk - For an Angel
Systematic Parts - Violon de la nuit
Technolab - New Fusion
Three Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000 (s'n's deal remix)

- Ultrabeat
Pretty Green Eyes

- Veracocha
Carte Blanche

- Zombie Nation
Inside the Speaker


Video Game

- Chrono Cross
Another Inspiration (OC remix)
Cross Fire (OC remix)
Dragons Prayer The Blackened Desire (OC remix)
Dreamer (OC remix)
Just Chill (OC remix)
Lost In the Cross (OC remix)
Molding of Destinies (OC remix)
Radical Dreamers Angelic (OC remix)
Radical Punks (OC remix)
Time Scars (OC remix)
To Times Once Forgotten (OC remix)

- Chrono Cross OST
Disk 1
01. Chrono Cross ~ Scars of Time
02. Between Life and Death
03. Arni Village ~ Home World
04. Fields of Time ~ Home World
05. Lizard Dance
06. Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory
07. On The Beach Of Dreams ~ Another World
08. Arni Village ~ Another World
09. Ephemeral Memory
10. Lost Fragments
11. Drowned Valley
12. Termina ~ Another World
13. Departed Souls
14. Forest of Illusion
15. Snakebone Mansion
16. Victory ~ A Gift of Spring
17. Lost in Time
18. Guldove ~ Another World
19. Hydra Swamp
20. Fragment of a Dream
21. Voyage ~ Another World
22. Ghost Ship
23. Deathfire Mountain
24. Fortress of Ancient Dragons
25. Grief

Disk 2
01. Beginning of a Dream
02. Dimension Breach
03. Termina ~ Home World
04. Dragon Knight
05. Voyage ~ Home World
06. Guldove ~ Home World
09. The Big Admirable Mysterious Slight-of-Hand Group
10. Nap
11. Chronomantic
12. Predicament
13. Optimism
14. Ghost's Island
15. Death Sea ~ Tower of Ruin
16. People Seized With Life
17. Previously Lost Lamp
18. Earth Dragon's Island
19. World's Navel
21. Victory ~ Summer's Cry
22. Another Mabure
23. Fairies' Way For Magic
24. Etude 1
25. Etude 2
26. Magical Dreamers ~the Wind, the Stars, and the Waves~

Disk 3
01. Garden of the Gods
02. Chronopolis
03. Fates ~ Gods of Destiny
04. Jellyfish Sea
06. The Girl Who Stole the Stars

- Final Fantasy
01. Welcome to Final Fantasy World
02. Prelude
03. Opening Theme
04. Carnelia Castle
05. Main Theme
06. Chaos' Temple
08. City Theme
10. Sailing Ship
11. Underwater Palace
12. Dungeon
13. Menu Screen
15. Airship
19. Ending Theme

01. Prelude
02. Opening ~ Bombing Missiong
03. Makou Reactor
04. Anxious Heart
05. Tifa's Theme
06. Barret's Theme
07. Hurry!
10. Fighting
11. Fanfare
13. Turk's Theme



- Requiem For A Dream OST
01. Summer Overture
02. Party
03. Coney Island Dreaming
04. Party
05. Chocolate Charms
06. Ghosts Of Things To Come
07. Dreams
08. Tense
09. Dr. Pill
10. High On Life
11. Ghosts
12. Crimin' & Dealin'
13. Hope Overture
14. Tense
15. Bialy & Lox Conga
16. Cleaning Apartment
17. Ghosts Falling
18. Dreams
19. Arnold
20. Marion Barfs
21. Supermarket Sweep
22. Dreams
23. Sara Goldfarb Has Left The Building
24. Bugs Got A Devilish Grin Conga
25. Winter Overture
26. Southern Hospitality
27. Fear
28. Full Tense
29. The Beginning of the End
30. Ghosts of a Future Lost
31. Meltdown
32. Lux Aeterna
33. Coney Island Low

- Requiem For A Dream OST Remixed
01. Tappy's Intro
02. The End It's All Nice (Plant)
03. Ghosts In The Machine (Psilonaut)
04. Aeternal (Paul Oakenfold)
05. Seacoast Towers
06. Coney Island Express (Jagz Kooner)
07. Seacoast Alarm
08. Haunted Dreams (Wish FM)
09. Tense (Kronos Quartette)
10. Full Tension (Josh Wink)
11. Food
12. Delirium (Deluxed)
13. Island
14. A Guy Called Gerald (Body & Fear)
15. 112
16. Ils (Over Turned)
17. Sara
18. Hive (Hand Jive)
19. Arnold
20. Ghosts (vocal version) (Clint Mansell)

- Rocky Horror Picture Show
Damnit, Janet!
Sweet Transvestite
Time Warp (cast version)
Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me

- The Lion King 1 & 2
Be Prepared
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata (japanese version)
He Lives In You
I Just Can't Want To Be King

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