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Halloween 2007

Haha! What is this journal here for! Maybe I'll start updating it who knows! But I do have adorable pictures from Halloween last night that I need to put in here.

The night starts off with Danielle and I going to Mandi's house to get ready to go to visit all those losers in Akron. I was a Panda, how fitting! Mandi was a pirate. Danielle was.. a slutty...referee. Interesting. I was hyped up on a monster so I was good for the night. It was my first time down at akron and I gotta say, I hate dorms lol. It's fun to live on your own and everything but you have way to many neighbors!!!! Loud Noisy Neighbors! Especially the dorm we had to spend the night in. It's away from everything on campus and it's in the fucking ghetto! The building isn't very nice either. They all have their own bathrooms but still! The vending machine is in the fucking garbage room!! Yuck! The beds where uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep because of the loud people! So I am currently waiting for a good time to go to sleep lol. I did have a good time, we just kind of walked around in our silly outfits and hung out. We went out to eat and then we had breakfast at the crack of dawn. So it's picture time because they are better than my endless rambling.

Panda... the Panda!


The three of us Danielle, Mandi, Me. Obviously I don't do good layering o.O Or it could be that that shirts full of holes making me lumpy o.O My legs look nice though XD

I have a candy bar! This was our group for the majority of the night. Danielle, Sarah, Kim, Andrew, Mandi, Me.

OMG I'm floating XD Out to eat last night.

Mandi and Me.

I rubbed my nose off like 10 times last night

Right now I'm really bored and waiting for are you smarter than a 5th grader to come on. Then after that.. I'll brush my teeth... and listen to music.. and then go to sleep. I am so exhausted.. hopefully I don't wake up to late tomorrow.. I hate sleeping in! I am in love with the Blue Planet music video of alice nine.'s. It's so fun. I'm mad I can't find it on youtube so I can't put it on my facebook!!! Laaaame! I can't wait till my birthday and for the release of alpha! For my birthday I want a drawing tablet and a digital camera (or for christmas which ever they feel like doing first) Alpha comes out a day before my birthday I can't wait to hear it!!! They seem to enthusiastic about this album it makes me impatient! My body aches everywhere... I better go lay down BYE BYE!
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